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Welcome!        Witam!        Vitayu!    Вітаю!

This website provides general information on Halychyna/Eastern Galicia, a region that is often misunderstood or ignored in North America. This site should be the starting point for anyone researching their ancestral roots in Western Ukraine/Eastern Galicia.  Many of the pages will be useful for Polish researchers of Western Galicia, as well. 

HalGal stands for Halychyna/Galicja.

Halychyna is Ukrainian, Galicja is Polish,
or as commonly referred to in English as Galicia.

  • Galicia, the western region of today's Ukraine.

  • Galicia, the southeastern region of Poland between WWI and WWII.

  • Galicia, the northeastern province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

If your genealogical research brings you to this part of the world, I invite you inside to learn more about the region and to help further your Galician roots!

Matthew Bielawa



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